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Malice in Motorland

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, April 6, 2006

If you are interested in seeing one of the greatest propaganda efforts of all time, purchase tomorrow's Wall Street Journal. Mr. Steve Harris (The Rushing Rabbit), recently recalled director of PR at GM, has taken it into overdrive. First, he arranged for "Red Ink Rick" to be interviewed by anyone willing to "Paint the Roses Red". Now, rushing additional "Mad Chatter", the WSJ is the medium of choice. There you will find an advertised letter of support from the National Dealer Council glowing with accolades in support of Mr Wagoner, whom the New York Post called "the worst CEO since Chainsaw Al Dunlap".

Without question, they are very concerned, even extremely worried, atop the Ren Cen. When I read the piece I was astonished to see the lengths to which the spinmasters are willing to stretch. See for yourself how nervous executives grasp frantically to avoid the groundswell of calls for resignation. The letter is more than absurdity, it's truly an embarrasment.

Who Stole the Assets? Off With His Head!

Where's Donald Trump when you need him? It's high time to end the Apprenticeship of G. Richard Wagoner.