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thirty nine billion

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bottom line, call it whatever you want, put any sort of spin on it...it's still a $39 BILLION QUARTERLY LOSS!!!...brought to us by the totally incompetent dissector of General Motors...Mr. RED INK RICK. No one in history will ever match his record of losses, assets sold, bankers laced, accountants and lawyers enrichened. and the billions just keep on clickin'...away that is.

Well in simple terms, they fudged the books and now have to make a correction. All this time the losses have been far worse than disclaimed. How stupid and silly to sit here and accept this complete falsification of the financials. Once again, I will call for the ouster of Deloitte as our auditors. There is no arm's length relationship. Red Ink Rick is a crook. How many more billions will it take before America wakes up? And this guy was our chief financial officer, even with no accounting degree? Ever wonder why Fisher and the Board of Bystanders leave him in? He's their flunky, that's why.

Follow the money, where did the billions from Fiat Fiasco end up? ...to Merrill while their chairman Stanley O'Neal (another crook) was on our board. Where did the billions from asset sales go?... to Goldman and the other bankers on the Board, representatives such as John Bryan, also serves on British Petroleum...wonder why fuel economy doesn't have a priority?

Where are the billions for VEBA coming from? No one has asked that question. Again, follow the money...and watch it disappear like magic.

Simply this, the man (Red Ink Rick) belongs behind bars. The public has no clue. Wall Street does, that's why he's still there. More money for Goldman, Morgan, Merrill, Deutsche, and BOA.