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zero percent (accountability)

Jim Dollinger
Saturday, May 17, 2008

When is the last time a GM executive was fired for failure? Trick question...answer is never (at least in modern times). Lovejoy heads GMAC when McNamara burns us for $400 million, he gets transfered to SPO. The Fiat fiasco cost us billions and no one is held accountable. Marketshare nosedives, shareholder value disappears, long term debt skyrockets, Olds is lost, GMAC is sold, Buick is starving to death, plants closed, assets sold, divisions spun ...and once again...zero accountability. This is the single biggest trouble at GM. In particular, the marketing staff is comprised of incompetent failures who are never called to task for their inabilities.

Again I state "Return to Greatness" is the answer. 5 Points of share within 6 months or my name isn't Buickman