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Jim Dollinger
Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dear Buickman,

I always read the information you send with great interest. Thank you very much.

Recently I have pondered one question related to your suggestion that Rick Wagoner be replaced. My question is who should replace him?

What are your thoughts on a viable replacement candidate?

Thank you very much, and I await your feedback.


Hello Dave,

I would suggest the Board name Fritz Henderson (bluntly honest and frank) Chairman and appoint Joe Spielman (knowledgable leadership) as CEO. GM is far too large for any one man to function effectively as Chairman, CEO, and head of North American Operations. Alternatively, I like Tom LaSorda of Chrysler and Wolfgang Bernard of VW. In house, we also have proven leaders like Gary White (VLE for trucks) and James Hresko (newly named VP for Quality). Quite honestly, I am not real sure exactly who should be running General Motors, but I am POSITIVE who shouldn't be.