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Buickman on Stand Up with Pete Dominick

Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today at 4PM on XM channel 130 your friendly Buickman will speak about Return to Greatness, how we are all in this together, and how the solution to selling more cars is a rational, executable marketing strategy designed for immediate impact and featuring lessened expenditure. Brands again become meaningful, our constituencies all participate in the recovery, and our shareholders regain value in their investment.

This ain't no Ponzi Scheme, and it's not a bank. This is our General Motors.

The issue now is simply how do we sell more cars profitably? The answer is effective marketing. Our products are competitive, it is the presentation that will make the difference.

We are all in this together whether directly tied to the industry or not. As taxpayers we are now invested in GM.

The beauty of the situation at hand is that the worldwide media is watching our every move. For free we can implement Return to Greatness.

We also have support from our government who has a right as our financial lifeline to look for leadership and a plan that makes sense.

This could be one for the History Channel if we do it right.