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Murder Incorporated

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The following are answers to questions posed by a member of www.CheersandGears.com I thought you might find interest in the some of the responses.

Return to Greatness really has nothing to do with globalization unless you understand that the self destruction of GM is related to the goals of international money interests, but that is another subject. I would however recommend the UAW to organize globally, but they can't even organize the transplants. The Plan pertains to selling cars. In the words of Denny Crane, "It's that simple".

Trimming model lines isn't necessary, we've done enough of that. Some replacing may be in order, such as Roadmaster for Terrazza. Main overlap is in the number of lawyers and bean counters on staff, along with PR redundancy. Unsuccessful vehicles like the SSR do need to go, and preventative measures instituted to avoid another Aztek. Nor do we need to spend untold millions on repeated changes to satisfy Mr Lutz. More millions were wasted redoing LaCrosse than we can ever hope to recover.

Names? Lose the alpha-numeric gibberish and restore Camaro and Wildcat. This time, have them represent something, unlike the GTO charade.

Styling probably should be done through regional creative centers around the globe, so as to understand and appreciate local trends and desires while providing variety.

Technological progress is both inevitable and beneficial. Attempts at hindering such are futile. Retrain workers for new productive purposes.

Old Plants? Do you mean like closing Oklahoma just after we spent millions on the body shop? We sell cars and all of a sudden we need productive capacity, problem solved.

How about the checks we write TO Gettlefinger through Joint Funds and VEBA? Tell me about the $1 Billion we just set aside to be administered by Solidarity House with their 20% administrative fee? Is that why they call themselves the Administrative Caucus? See www.GreggShotwell.net and www.futureoftheunion.com Read about the Death of the Constitutional UAW by Bill Hanline. Think you've heard of corruption? This stuff will shock you. The rank and file are fed up. Look closely and you'll see the beginnings of a Revolution. Saying Shotwell works on fuel pumps is like calling Walter Reuther a tool and die maker. I'm telling you watch this guy.

Retirees should receive everything promised to them and be left to enjoy their days.

Market research? See Step 9.

Africa/Asia? See Fritz. Zia Jian.

Marketing IS the problem. don't cloud the issue. This isn't about politics or foreign policy, it's about how to sell cars. As Keith Crain said a few months ago "All we need do is sell another million cars per year and these problems go away". Wagoner, I believe wants these problems so he can proceed with his scheme of offshore, non unionized production of vehicles distributed through factory owned channels. The workers can't strike if there is no factory, the retirees don't cost anything if they don't exist, and the dealers can't prevent GM distributorships if they are driven from the landscape.

This is about stimulating desires through presentations which result in aspirations.

Read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to understand the difference between "Looters" such as those in the Ren Cen and "Producers" such as the wonderful independant franchisees and the thousands of dedicated, hard working employees who daily toil to keep GM at its best. Yet we all suffer due to the incompetence of a few individuals who are not just allowing GM to die a slow death, they are guilty of murder.

Who is John Galt?