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Puttin' on the Fritz

Jim Dollinger
Friday, July 10, 2009

As quite possibly GM's biggest critic, I will share some positives I heard today. First, Fritz spoke with knowledge and authority, He directly answered questions and was much smoother than when he first took the job as CEO. Reading between the lines, he mentioned that LaNeve was in charge of sales "today" and responsible for results "this month", leading to the assumption that needed change is coming within the Sales and Marketing at GM. He said outside talent is "being reviewed" and announcements would be made within weeks.

Also encouraging were remarks claiming accountability will be integral to the new GM.

The jury is still out on Fritz in my opinion, and based on this mornings performance, he may just be the right guy at the right time.

in a room where Rockefeller sits...
he took his licks,
so now is bringing out the sticks,
while making his picks,
of useless execs to nix
and give well deserved kicks...
Puttin' on the Fritz.