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America Under Attack

Jim Dollinger
Sunday, December 19, 2021

This is an attack on America, our culture and our way of life:

Open boarders and transporting illegals around the nation to create civil unrest, no bail, no prosecution, corrupt justice department, sexual deviance taught in schools, lying media, censorship, blackmailed politicians who are dual citizens, bioweapons disguised as medicine, poison protocols administered for profit while denying effective treatments, masks that make you sick, false flags including 911 and Sandy Hook, chemtrails with aluminum and barium, modified foods that lack nutrition and cause obesity, pharmaceutical corporations pushing dangerous drugs, wholistic doctors being murdered. controlled opposition (Q & Trump), bogus elections, weakened military, manufactured supply chain crises, out of control money printing causing rapid inflation leading to the theft of savings, wealth and reduced purchasing power.
It stops when we stop it. Start with Never Mask, Never Vax! If you don't, who will? Sons of Liberty Arise~ it's time folks.