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Right On The Money

Jim Dollinger
Sunday, June 8, 2008

Notice how GM management spins excuses which ALWAYS blame the weather, fuel prices, the economy, exchange rates, value of the dollar vs yen, wages, health care, pension liabilities, material costs, import leaning media, or government regulations to name a few. NEVER, EVER do they look in the mirror and say "hey we screwed up". It's ALWAYS something external reason whether it's the Billions blown on Fiat, or killing the EV1.

Red Ink Rick serves to enrich the banks thru fees and interest. Why? because that's who put him in place and why they continue to support him. Meanwhile Goldman Sachs hands out $17 Billion to partners in bonuses. Follow the money.

We can't think the Volt is the saving grace (where's that EV1 when you need it?). GM management is notorious for over-promising and under-delivering. We have to begin with accountability. How can a business survive when no one is held responsible? GM has dwindled year after year due to this major flaw. Our financial statements contain material weaknesses, our economists missed the rise in oil, and our marketing is the absolutely most pitiful crap imaginable.

So, we start first and foremost with accountability. We then immediately and dramatically change the marketing to effective and less costly methods. There's more, and it's outlined step by step in "Return to Greatness". Red Ink Rick and his marketing minions ain't ever gonna change. They've had their chance and blew it sky high. Now shareholders, dealers, salespeople, employees, retirees, and suppliers are all suffering, as are communities across America.