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I Think I Love You

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, May 20, 2010

So far the house cleaning has been done, good bye to the non performers. We now have accountability and clear resposibility. Reuss has lined up the org chart the way he sees best and is filling it with his choices. The incentives are now good til end of June and not to spike just for Memorial Day (YEAH!). Most of the new product is exciting HDs, Encore, CTS coupe, Cruze, and perhaps Volt. All district managers were brought to Detroit, social marketing is being used to address customer concerns, leasing is back, and the first quarter showed profit and positive cash flow.

While problems remain, they are being addressed. I see concrete improvements, signs of real leadership, and feel GM has at least stabilized, learned some valuable lessons, and is positioned to reestablish itself in the industry.

If the new guy "Danny" gets the job done, we'll all be singing...

5/20/2010 10:26 AM EDT