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Crime Pays

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is it any surprise that a thief who has stolen time and again and got away scott free would once more return to victimize? Wagoner, as I have claimed repeatedly, is systematically dismembering GM. No one is so stupid as to lose so much market share and shareholder value. The Board of Bystanders backs this crook because they are in on the game. Strip the company of assets, eliminate domestic production and employees, screw the dealers, lay responsibility for retirees on the government, and buyoff union leaders by having them receive compensation for administering health care.

$285,000,000,000 in long term debt at high rates...payable to who??? Of course, the bankers whose lackeys occupy our boardroom. How many untold billions in investment fees and for "advice"? Ladies and Gentlemen, WAKE UP and you'll realize that there are RATS IN THE GLOVEBOX!!!

Oldsmobile gone, GMAC pieced off to the same group that stole Delphi. Wagoner belongs in prison moreso than any other CEO in American history. Meanwhile, states and communties suffer. Schools are closed, fire and police protection decline, jobs are forever lost, crime rises, families are broken. All to feed the insatiable greed.

GM may sell Allison Transmission

Automotive News
Chrystal Johnson

General Motors is exploring the potential sale of its Allison Transmission division, the company said today.

Allison Transmission, of Indianapolis, produces automatic transmissions for commercial and military vehicles. The division has seven plants in Indianapolis, employing 3,400 workers.

GM said in a statement that Allison is not central to the company's mission of designing, manufacturing and selling cars.

"This process is another potential step in GM's plan to improve liquidity through the assessment of strategic options for a business that is not central to GM's mission," the statement said.

GM spokeswoman Melisa Tezanos said GM would not disclose a possible sale price.

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