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Where the Trouble Lies

Jim Dollinger
Friday, June 12, 2009

LaNaive has driven GM into the ground with his repeated goofy, nonsensical, hairbrained, foolish, ridiculous, high pressure, brand damaging, wasteful, and expensive marketing. In addition, I suspect the guy is in bed with someone given the useless printed materials (window trim, car top signs, lapel pins, and much, much more) shipped monthly to dealers, and the fact that most dealers (and some GMAC branches) pay AIS (Automotive Information Systems) $125 per month to decipher and summarize with codes, the incentives from GM that no one can understand. There are RATS IN THE GLOVEBOX.

Ask anyone who works on the frontline and they will tell you how utterly insane the incentives are. This is what is killing GM, not the product, number of dealers, legacy costs, wages, work rules, government mandates, exchange rates, fuel prices, weather, economy, credit crisis, nor the competition. It's the failure of GM management, particularly LaNaive! Even bankruptcy can't save GM unless this guy is thrown out the door, and soon.