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Gas Mask

Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In October General Motors ran a promotion for Free Gas with the delivery of eligible vehicles. Dealers were instructed to inform prospects that a $500 debit card would be issued by mid November and mailed directly to the customer. By the beginning of December, dealers who were now receiving irate phone calls from customers still without their Free Gas, were led to believe the cards would go out by mid month. Now we are told that customers will soon be receiving a letter from GM that the gas cards are on the way. First of all, exactly how satisfied do you suppose these people are with their delivery? Who suffers most on the satisfaction surveys? Who takes the heat from untold numbers of disgruntled owners? Even more ridiculous, how much money is GM wasting on postage by sending all these people letters, instead of just sending the cards? Perhaps there is a relationship with the same printing company that distributed all those absolutely worthless Red Tags.