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Kick 'Em When They're Up

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, January 28, 2010

We shouldn't have thrown money at Toyota owners, better to have increased telling our quality and MPG story. It's too bad distress has become a way of life at GM. A chance for profitability is wasted as we once again promote our products by giving them away. Plus, it's just not the American way to kick someone when they're down. As this story unfolds and the human toll is revealed in loss of life and injury, we come across as opportunists as opposed to the company who builds better cars.

For all the improvements at GM, the incompetency continues in sales and marketing. Call it the LaNeve Legacy. Misguided with absolutely zero sales experience, these individuals continually thwart the best efforts of our engineers, stylists, and production people. Whitacre says there will be accountability and I believe it, just hope it doesn't take him too much longer to see where the real trouble at GM has been, and still is to this very day!