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May Marketing Mayhem

Jim Dollinger
Sunday, May 2, 2010

The current GM incentive programs end May 3rd. On the 4th we'll get an announcement to sort through which will tie up most of that day. By the 10th offerings will have been enhanced two or more times, increasing the confusion. On the 15th there will be several additions to the matrix. The 20th sees various bonuses with restrictions, the 25th brings revisions and reminders, then we'll get the Memorial Day Event just in time to spoil any family plans for dealership personnel.

Don't be alarmed, it's only another typical month of General Motors' marketing. Meanwhile, be careful to not make a mistake and offer something incompatible, the chargeback can be more than your commission! Happy selling in the woefully wacky world of GM merchandising, where insanity rules the nest.