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help wanted

Jim Dollinger
Monday, August 11, 2008

We're looking for someone of vision who understands leadership and what it takes to win. We have enough staff to handle legalities, accounting, and labor relations from a technical standpoint. But the crew must know that there will be accountability and people will be held responsible. No more cronyism (ie LaNeve and Dewar). The audit firm gets canned immediately. The marketing staff FIRED enmasse. Retirees made untouchable (hourly and salary). No more buyouts, no more jobs bank (we'll find something for you to do believe me), leasing is back, although realistically, suppliers are paid on time or early, and dealers are no longer jacked with. Return to Greatness is implemented and we take back what we lost the old fashioned way. Our word begins to mean something and when you call us you will get someone who speaks clear English and we will handle your concern promptly and to your satisfaction, period.