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kirk k
May 6, 2005

He did not do anything for chrysler but extort a payoff.Why would he do any differently at GM?

new investment
May 6, 2005
David Volz

Let's hope that he really does believe in the US auto industry and isn't trying to syphon off GMAC and other profitable parts of GM. GM needs a shake-up with their Board -- I don't trust Kerkorian as far as I can throw him.

12 Questions to GM Board of Directors
May 6, 2005

I have compiled here a list of questions for the GM board of directors that I would like to ask. This is purely in the interest of the GM shareholders. I think that if they can answer these questions they are on their way to putting a break on GM's declining market share and profits.

1. Bob Lutz (GM's product Czar for the past 4 years) does not seem to realize what the current market needs are (certainly not the following cars - Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac Solstice, Chevy Uplander, Buick Terraza, Pontiac Montana SV6, Saturn Relay, Chevy Malibu, Buick Lacrosse, Chevy SSR, Chevy HHR, upcoming Impala, lucerne, Sky, Aura etc.). Bob needs to understand that just saying that GM has good products with better JD Power ratings is not enough. When are they are going to realize that the above list of cars and hence investment debacles enough? 2 cars - Corvette and Equinox do not constitute success. I wish that kind of success rate is tolerated in my job.

2. What has GM board done in the past 25 years to address their product issues (Not branding, not defects per 100 cars)?

3. What is GM's strategy to address the onslaught of Chinese cars starting 2007?. It is easy to say that none of the other makers have a strategy. But at least they have a reputation for good reliable quality cars that look decent and use state of the art technology. GM car buyers (Cobalt, Pontiac G6) will be the first ones to switch to Chinese brands like how they switched to the Korean brands first. This is evidenced by the Korean increase in market share that corresponds to the decrease in GM's market share and the fact that the Japanese did not lose their market share.

4. Why doesn't GM think it actually does not make sense to have products in the lineup the need hefty incentives to sell? For e.g. How/why does Honda not need to give incentives to sell its Odyssey in its last model year cycle and a GM minivans needs incentives in its first model year cycle?

5. How does GM plan to increase its competitiveness in the near and long term given the company's relatively poor sales performance in the US in 2004 and so far in 2005, its aging truck fleet and the aggressive growth plans articulated by competition?

6. What is the strategy/positioning of the Saturn Brand? Specifically what demographic are you trying to address? How different is it from that of Pontiac, especially since the sky is another incarnation of the Solstice? What kind of future do you expect for Saturn?

7. When is GM going to stop doing the kind of badge engineering that it is practicing today (i.e. Just change the badge in front of the car)? Please look at Nissan/Infiniti, Ford/Mazda/Volvo or even Chrysler/Mercedes for good examples of platform sharing and badge engineering.

8. The big 3 invest anywhere between $600m and $800m in NASCAR. Is there any evidence that this investment is producing additional revenues or sell the cars that are showcased i.e. the Monte Carlo? (note: There is nothing technologically to be gained, since NASCAR regulations mandate older , outdated technology in cars. Innovation is strictly prohibited and needs prior approval from NASCAR before it can be used). None of the Imports participate in NASCAR (Toyota participates in the Truck series), but increase their market share year after year.

9. Why is GM trying to elevate the level of the unknown Saturn (through a $2 - $3 bn investment in rebadging European Vauxhall's and OPEL's) when it can introduce the OPEL brand in the US and position it successfully against the Imports as a German brand? It is a fact that the market is refusing to accept Pontiac and Buick as import alternatives.

10. When is GM going to realize that Onstar should be provided as a service through a neutral technology provider so that the entire car industry can benefit from it including GM from the proceedings of selling the OnStar division? (Why would other car makers pay to have a GM logoed Onstar inside their cars? Would McDonalds sell a BugerKing branded no fat fries even though it is good for its consumers? But selling it to a an intermediary that can then sell the no fat fries technology to McDonalds would work.)

11. GM has a CEO with a finance background that does not seem to understand that this is a product driven industry. Just cutting costs and running operations efficiently and outspending competition in advertising, and running a superlative finance operation (GMAC) does not help. GM now makes more money through mortgage loans than through selling cars. What core business is GM in? What is GM's core competence? What sort of investment priorities and strategies does it have and need?

12. How many of you are going to take personal responsibility for the current state of things at GM and resign?

Kerkorian a Wolf in sheeps garb?
May 8, 2005
larry parks

I too am fearful that Mr.K does not mean to help GM extricate themselves from the predicament they are in, but only to siphon off any assets of value .. such as GMAC! That is based on his past record. It would be great if he used his influence to shake up the current BOD!

For GM to be great again, GM dealers must lead the way with the good products available today and help to create exciting great new products for tomarrow. My suggestion is to make it fun to buy a car again and to make every trip to a GM dealer a fun experience! Good Luck GM.

30+ Year GM Employee
May 18, 2005

Kirk Kerkorian's investment in GM stock solves nothing for GM and proves nothing. Kerkorian is out for Kerkorian, not to solve problems at GM.
He exhibits what is essentially wrong with GM, GM's Board of Directors, GM's wealthy executives all the way down to each Dept. Head at each Plant, and much of Corporate America: Wealthy self-centered insiders out to short-term, selfishly profit from their involvement in Corporations, while not being held accountable for ANY type of long-term actions and CARING about the future of the Corporation.
GM IS a Country Club, run by a Country Club of insiders who are not and will not be held accountable. These insiders consistently exclude ALL outsiders and successfully deflect any criticisms of their actions by ignoring anybody or anybodys' opinions except those of their fellow insiders. In this world, the RICH ARE GETTING RICHER AT THE EXPENSE OF THE GOOSE THAT'S LAYING THE GOLDEN EGG. I believe that GM's Executives do not have ANY workable plan to turn GM around. If they did, they would be working that plan, and would be clearly communicating that plan to the Public and the stockholders. The Board of Directors and all of GM's top executives should be fired, and taken to Court for their consistent actions that have been tantamount to the rape & pillage of this wonderful Company. GM is dying with no end in sight!

GM's solution
Jul 10, 2005
Sheldon Gesell

Good morning!

I did not know where else to write this and I wanted to respond as to why G.M. is failing. I am a die hard GM fan. But I was forced to go to a Honda or Toyota dealer after my last purchase of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Here are G.M.'s problems to date.

1. Mass produced cars. G.M. cars do not hold their value and in todays world where most of the income is going to everyday purchases (Natural gas, electricity, food, mortgage) people cannot afford to spend $30,000 on average for a car and sell it 4 years later for $10,000. This is a bad investment and the end consumer is getting wiser to that.

2. People do not want to spend $30,000 on a vehicle that is not versatile. Example you 3rd row stow away seating "S.U.C.K.'S". What a load of crap to put in a raised floor. You cheaped out on that one.

3. My latest purchase was a 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS. I like to have the top of the line model in anything that I buy. It makes me feel good that their are a limited number of models out their like it. I looked at the Vibe GT but it was more expensive, looked "uglier" and is smaller inside than the Toyota. I have put 30,000 Km's on the vehicle and could sell it for $5,000 less than what I bought it for. This is why I went to Toyota. Before the foreign automakers had ugly looking cars but they are sure sprucing them up. Look at Nissan's Altima, Maxima and Nissan Quest. Look at Honda's Minivans versatility, quality workmanship and re-saleable value. You cannot beat that with a G.M.

4. The customers are not being driven into the competitors hands, (Honda, Toyota) by their products. They are being driven into the competitors hands because G.M., Ford and Dodge are doing it themselves.


1. I as an individual would represent 70% of the population today. Bring a good quality car into the market place in the $25K to $30K range, mid to large size that is versitile like a van but sporty like a car. Look at Mazda and what they have done. Toyota sales are going up because they are finally producing sporty looking vehicles but they still have the quality.

2. Stop trying to copy the competitors. Bring out something original. Not the Pontiac Aztek. What an ugly mobile. No matter how much advertisement or rebates you throw that way it will not sell.

3. I suggest you start making the vibe look better A.S.A.P. It looked terrible from the start and looks worse even now. The Toyota Matrix appeals to all ages of the population and that is why it is such a great seller.

4. Concentrate on the van and making it look better. This is your "Flagship" product to 45% of the population. Get rid of the "3rd row storage" area you have now and make a real one. Make the van look like an S.U.V. Put "Suicide" doors on it (original). Change the ugly nose right away and put beefy tires on it. Minimum 17" and then 18" on the top model.

5. When you bring out a new vehicle (ie. Minivan for Saturn) make it look totally different. All that you are doing by making it look the same is flooding the market with the same product and costing you more money. You are not capturing an elite market place at a lower price. Make Saturn you pilot project for this one as it is too late for the others to bring quality and affordability to the plate.

5. Merging with foreign manufacturers is great but keep the G.M. name out of the picture as it will cause the vehicles to have a lower re-sale value and deminish it's name rather quickly.

And that is my two cents.

Need to hire Car Guys!
Jul 17, 2005
Mark Pasquale

All the car guys are gone! Where are the SuperStars ? GM years ago lost John DeLorean. GM should have embraced DeLorean and had him make the Corvette a mid-engine or rear Engine car. DeLorean should have been President of General Motors. Thats the past , the present is the problem. And if GM doesn't do something about the present , there will be no future. Bob Lutz is a step in the right direction, but not enough! GM needs Car Guys to take charge. GM needs to make a new Camaro and Firebird. GM should have merged Oldsmobile and Saturn , or Oldsmobile and Cadillac. The Nova nameplate needs to be brough back.

(W) impala
Oct 12, 2005

Have you guys seen the "new" 2006 Impala?? Is that a Taurus or what??? Geeze, still FWD, big money for a truck V-8. Come on you idiots IMPORT the Holden Caprice and get it over with. Hell, sell it as a rebadged Buick. Either way I'm tired of Crown Vics!! An American COP

Words of Wisdom!
Nov 4, 2005
Matt Weis

Ozzie Guillen - Chicago White Sox manager (after winning the World Series)

"I have nine other fingers on my hands that I hope to fill with World Series rings, that's the motivation I have now," he said. "I had good ballplayers, though we didn't have the greatest talent on earth. But it's true, we had the greatest team."
"Nothing in the world is done with talent alone, it's done with unity. My greatest strength was having the confidence to know that any of my players could do the job."

He said he wasn't renegotiating his contract.

"When a man signs a contract he should honor it," Guillen said. "They signed me for three seasons to win ... they were going to pay me just the same whether or not we were champions."

Take it for what it is worth, but those are the statements of a "real" leader!!

This is the kind of leadership needed at GM!!

Jan 25, 2006

I've been with GM for over 28 years and have grown to hate this company. I'm at my fourth plant am treated like shit, let know there are people that will do our jobs for a fourth the pay, and we're being forced out by sheer stress.I'm also vice president of our union local but am not in the click of sucking up to management to get 10-12 a day like our chairman and shop committee. The international uses escape clauses in our contract to make deals which effectively voids our contract. It's not worth wiping your ass with. I could go on for hours. The union is killing itself!!

Feb 27, 2006
David Sprowl

There was a time when I thought Kirk was a great guy. But when you take a step back and look at the big big picture, you will see what he is about. Money, that is the bottom result. Kirk has a lot of it, over a billion. He joined Chrysler at about the same point that GM is in now. Between he and Lee Iacocca they both brought Chrysler back to profitability. But as Lee exited amidst a Chrysler down turn, Ole kirk got the bright idea to sell the corporation off. He and Lee both made an unsucessful bid. Bob Eaton swa the writhing on the wall and got a better deal from Diamlair, thus leaving Kirk and Co.out in the cold and not gaining as much profit in the deal. Remeber that recent law suit? I highly suspect that the same fate is in for GM. why else did Wagoner do an about face in the seating of Jerry York? Because he stands to gain just like Bob Eaton did while the rest of the company and it's retirees go belly up. Hope you enjoy working for Ford or Toyota soon. Cuase thats where you are heading, unless GM can start selling cars and trucks at a high profit.

How to be #1 again
Mar 9, 2006
Archie Huebner

Former Chevy- Olds Dealer in Carrollton, Ohio
Check performances in town of 2900- 26 mile from any metro. Huebner Chevrolet- Olds Carrollton, Ohio
Your Present dealer has keep the name 15 years. It that respected.
I can Promise GM a 10% sales increase in one year. Not interested in my pocket book, you already made me a millionaire. This statement, no brag Just fact. I just want to show my appreciation .

just 2 divisions
Mar 27, 2006
Glenn Billington

Why build Vue, Equinox and Torrrent when only one sells? Get rid of Saturn, Buick, Pontiac, GMC and Hummer. This move alone would take care of most of the duplication.Two brands Chevrolet and Cadillac (Toyota / Lexus). If GM is to go on it will have to be small however it gets there. The whole process is gonna suck no matter how it goes down. Take your first loss and get on with it.

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