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How to get a message to Jerry York
Feb 2, 2006
Mick Cobb

As person in a position to know, how would I get to send Jerry York information about GM future product plans coming down from Top management that need to be contested at the Board level? e-mail? snail mail, Tracinda Corp address...

This Board must go!
Mar 17, 2006
Bruce Bartman

Now the 2005 loss is over $ 10B! Is anyone steering this ship? This Borad has overseen GM's decline from the position of the largest corporation in the world to its' current predicament as press whipping boy with reports of circling vultures. This Board just doesn't get it. Nor do they have a clue as to how to turn things around. In some cultures, they would be honor bound to fall on their swords. Here, they just keep on making Fiatesque blunders. It's time for them to go.

Board's salary
Mar 24, 2006

With large loss posted by GM, what was the Board's bonus package? How about the rest of the upper management at GM? I'm sure they still received them and that they were substantial.

General Mgr.,Managing Partner
May 30, 2006
Tom Seidle

I'm a 5th generation Chevy Dealer looking strongly at buying a Toyota franchise in place of my Chevystore. GM does all they can to chase away our customers and therefore slowly putting us out of business. Let me know when you want to buy me out, I'm readyto sell my GM store and go Asian.

Best I had was Nissan
Apr 6, 2007
John Defalque

Saw power point presentation-I disagree completely with stated..."There's nothing wrong with the qaulity or design-it's a problem of marketing..." Fuel, parking and maintenance costs will always increase beyond wage inflation. Make smaller more efficient cars-minis, smart cars DON'T fight CAFE standards EXCEED them. Family size is decreasing-singles are the fastest growing segment of the populace, wages are declining-your cars should be shrinking. Economising is GOOD for the environment. I read Streetcar Conspiracy-how GM destroyed the vast streetcar networks in every town in N. America. I would like GM to get an exclusive contract to put subway lines in every city-rebuild the network that was destroyed so that we could be profligate consumers dependant on foreign oil. This exclusive contract would be better than another govt bailout so that the big three can go on producing huge cars that people can't aFord or don't want.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is bad
Jun 4, 2008

The shareholders allowing management to run amok like this are nothing but a bunch of suckers. These execs are extremely overpaid, totally unaccountable for their poor performance, and are completely out of touch with market realities. The real "crock of sh*t" is the propaganda they're spewing. The best thing that could happen to GM is a hostile takeover by a company with a clue.

GM Future
Jul 23, 2008
Dan Luneau

There is "absolutely" no way GM can continue with their retail distribution through so many brands. Clinging to 21% of the US market, and dropping, GM "must" bite the bellet and get down to Caddillac, Chevrolet and, you pick it to go forward with. No one will disagree that this is a produt driven business and the truth is GM can no longer keep the right product at the right time coming for so many brands. Until this is corrected, GM "will" continue to slide into the abyss. Ther is not a plan, bar none, that will reverse the slide until this is done. Hopefully, GM management will pull the triger before the slide becomes irreversible.

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